2021 October 19 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

With all that’s happened over the past couple of years, it’s understandable that many are feeling pessimistic. While the developing supply chain crisis is yet another stressor to deal with, it also is something of a hidden blessing. Earick Ward explains how it is providing clarity as to what is taking place.

The more opportunity I learn about the problems at hand, the more I’m beginning to realize that the solutions we need start at the individual level. Isaac Morehouse nails it when he says, you are the answer to every problem.

The push for universal vaccination against covid has been relentless. But shouldn’t we be seeing a corresponding decrease in the number of new cases? Jon Miltimore writes that a new epidemiology paper shows that those areas with higher vaccination rates are not seeing fewer Covid-19 cases. This raises some interesting questions about what public health planners are doing.

If you want a down and dirty recap of why our supply chain woes are growing, there are a number of environmental policies which are adding fuel to the fire. James Howard Kunstler counts the ways that we’re being steered into a new, more dangerous crisis.

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