2021 October 18 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Would you recognize tyranny if it came calling? Jeffery A. Tucker has a marvelous primer on the truth about tyranny and how the driving force authentic tyranny isn’t always a dictator. Often it comes at the hands of our neighbors, coworkers, family and friends.

The current ‘woke’ revolution portrays itself as a response and solution to injustice, yet it creates more injustice than it solves. Bari Weiss has a terrific article about how we got here because of cowardice and it will require courage to get us out.

Violence has been on the rise for the past year or so and firearms and ammo sales have been running at a record pace as people realize the state either cannot or will not protect them. Tim Larkin has a timely bit of advice on the difference between social aggression and and asocial violence. If you’re taking responsibility for your own protection, this is some of the best information you’ll ever get.

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