2021 October 11 The Bryan Hyde Show

Just how crazy are things getting? It’s gonna take me the better part of today’s show to illustrate how detached we’ve become from reality. Here’s a good video clip to set the stage: A 16 year old Wyoming high school student is arrested as her school is put on lockdown because she wouldn’t mask up.

This program exists, in part, as an alternative to the official propaganda that is beating on our awareness 24/7. Caitlin Johnstone has two excellent articles on the matter that are worth your attention. One discusses how the science of propaganda is still being developed and advanced. The other zeroes in on how many of our problems are based in us-versus-them propaganda.

The ongoing spectacle of empty shelves in our grocery stores is getting harder to ignore. Even if we’re starting to get used to it. Now is a great time to start focusing on how to address the need to provide for our necessities by creating a workaround. Aden Tate has an excellent article on the 6 components of creating an American Free Market Network. This may be one of the most important things you read this week.

As our society increasingly coalesces into two separate realities, those of us who will not compromise our principles would be wise to begin building networks of those who share our values. Doug Casey has a great take on the rise of phyles and like-minded communities and why you need to find one right now.

The pressure to submit to the the growing medical tyranny is intensifying. The folks who have been wrong about nearly every draconian measure imposed over the past 20 months aren’t about to admit they were wrong. Max Borders explains how Frontline Doctors are standing up to authoritarian public health officials and why we owe them a debt of gratitude.

The only folks who have any right to utter the words “because I said so” are parents. And even then, they should use those words sparingly. Judge Andrew Napolitano reminds us that politicians, bureaucrats and other officials don’t get to make up rules as they go. The judge offers a brief history of the law of personal privacy and bodily integrity.

Free speech isn’t just a good idea, it’s essential to a free society. Unfortunately, as you may have noticed, there’s a lot of effort underway these days to muzzle free speech in an effort to prevent unapproved ideas from reaching our minds. Larry Alton has the lowdown on how to reclaim our freedom of speech in a culture of censorship.

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