2021 November 30 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

People who learn about history are a lot harder to fool than those who don’t. Martin Armstrong does a marvelous comparison of the federalist v. anti-federalist/vaccinated v. unvaccinated struggle for control.

It’s rare to see a public leader speaking truthfully and openly about the unprecedented abuse of power we’re seeing these days. Her name is Christine Anderson and she has a message worth hearing.

We may be a few days past Thanksgiving but Thomas Luongo has a fantastic essay on how being thankful is the key to victory over the Davos crowd. A growing number of people are losing faith in the systems that seek to rule us. That’s great news.

You’ve likely experienced contact-less shopping at one or more places. Lawrence M. Vance says this is an idea that would translate well into our interactions with government. Namely, we should be moving toward contact-less government as we reclaim our freedoms.

One of the keys to maintaining your sanity in times of upheaval is to stop obsessing over the things we don’t have the power to change and to focus on what we can do. Ron Paul says this includes reducing our expectations of government.

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