2021 November 3 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Freedom is being redefined as something that is only possible when you are in full compliance with what the state demands of you. Funny how that works. Jon Sanders shares a timeless reminder from C.S. Lewis about holding the line to defend truth so we’re not “tamed” by “tireless propaganda.

Among the more disturbing ideas to float to the surface of the Washington D.C. cesspool is the idea that the “wealthy” aren’t paying their fair share. Thomas Luongo has a great primer on what’s being proposed and why dumb ideas never die.

More and more people are having to choose between their livelihoods and their consciences when it comes to the vax mandates. Joshua Mawhorter was recently fired from his teaching position in California for refusing to get vaccinated. What he has to say is worth considering.

The anger and hatred that is being encouraged towards the unvaxxed is daunting. But we need to keep it in perspective and not mirror it back at those who are perpetuating it. Steve Apfel reminds us that the hatred is coming from emotion rather than reason.

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