2021 November 2 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Even though Covid tyranny seems to have plateaued, in many ways, here in America, it’s getting worse in other places. Dr. Joseph Mercola cuts right to the chase when he states that the only choice left is between freedom and slavery. The facts appear to be on his side.

By now, it should be clear that almost everyone in authority is not ashamed to lie to us when it’s “for our own good.” Victor Davis Hanson has a thought-provoking article on the ignoble lie and how the lies we’re told for our own good are usually told for the advantage of those in power.

One of the biggest stories that you’re not hearing about in most media sources is how the centralization of power is resulting in a remarkable transfer of wealth from the middle class to the elites. Carol Roth explains why this is as historical as it is immoral.

Anything that’s so amazing that you have to be forced to do it should start alarm bells ringing in your mind. This includes the vaccine mandates which take your personal health and make it a matter of public health. Brad Polumbo writes about a stunning new study that undercuts the case for vaccine mandates.

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