2021 November 17 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

While the Kyle Rittenhouse case dominates the news cycle, another deeply concerning story is taking place just out of view of most Americans. Project Veritas is under direct attack by the U.S. government and so is freedom of the press. Glenn Greenwald directs some sunlight onto both stories and explains how the tribal slant of media coverage represents a disturbing inability to think in principles.

Learning to see through the daily narratives that we’re being force-fed takes a conscious decision regarding the kinds of media we consume on a daily basis. The editorial board at Issues & Insights has some blunt but solid advice: Please stop trusting anything the mainstream media report.

None of us wants to think of ourselves as predictable but there’s truth to the idea that if you talk politics for 10 seconds, astute observers will know–with 80% accuracy–where you get your news. Paul Rosenberg explains why this is so and why we cannot limit ourselves to closed circuit thinking.

What’s the worst thing that can happen if you stand up for yourself and assert your natural rights? Sadly, this is a question that is being answered for a lot of people who are finding out what it means to suffer for their beliefs. Andrea Widburg says the otherization of unvaccinated people is proceeding quickly and leading us to some very dark places.

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