2021 November 12 Liberty Moms with host Kris Kimball

Kris Kimball conducts a bombshell interview with Liberty Moms Jennifer Orten and Sophia Anderson of www.UtahFreedomCoaltion.org about the problems our election process here in Utah. You can’t claim to have a Gold Standard if you never verify and inspect the complete election process with an independent forensic audit. Every Utahn needs to listen to this committee hearing that was held on Oct 20, 2020, including all public comments. https://le.utah.gov/av/committeeArchive.jsp?mtgID=17728 A record 700 people showed up to this hearing because of their concerns with our elections. Time is running out, we only have until September 2022 to perform a forensic audit of 2020 to learn if Utah has any election integrity issues. Voter confidence in Utah must be restored. Why are our elected officials not being transparent with GRAMA requests? It’s hard to believe Utah is the Gold Standard of safe and secure elections when those in charge of the election process are breaking the law and refusing to conduct forensic audits.

ACTION ITEMS: 1. Continue to contact your Utah Rep and Senator asking for a forensic audit of 2020.

  1. Send an Email to our Attorney General:

Dear Attorney General Reyes,

Please subpoena Lt. Governor Henderson for breaking the law by not providing FULL voter rolls as requested by and to our legislators, including public and private/withheld information for both March and November 2020 elections.

I am asking that, as Attorney General, you require that she deliver these full rolls to the Government and Operations Committee, for both the House and Senate.

In addition, please start an injunction to stop the counties and state of Utah from destroying any public records including voting or related materials from the 2020 elections.

Thank you in advance for your timely attention to this urgent and crucial matter.

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