2021 November 11 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

For those who haven’t already noticed the growing supply chain breakdowns, just give it a few more weeks. Kent McManigal rightly reminds us that the supply chain problem is a government problem.

Maybe it’s just a sense of weariness at the nonstop wokeness that typifies most higher education campuses but I seriously wonder why any ration person would aspire to going to college. James Bovard is a two time drop-out with a decisive answer to the question: Is college worthwhile? Perhaps it’s time to call out higher education for its bad behavior.

A lot of Americans are waking up to the reality that the more they have in common with George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, the more they are fair game to be demonized. Steve Sailer has an excellent analysis of why core Americans are being painted as the source of all evil who must be made to pay.


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