2021 November 11 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

I happened to catch a bit of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial yesterday and accidentally witnessed one of the most stunning courtroom exchanges I’ve ever seen. Tucker Carlson hits the highlights in this video and it was definitely one for the history books. The vindictiveness of the prosecution is nothing short of disgraceful. It makes this trial look like anything but a quest for justice.

The Rittenhouse trial is a marvelous teaching opportunity about a couple of important topics. One is the natural right of self defense. The other is need for people to take personal responsibility in protecting their communities rather than simply outsourcing this to the state. Christopher Roach has an excellent piece on the need for citizenship and courage.

If you’re serious about understanding how the world works, economists are your friend. For example, if Raymond J. March hadn’t written about how the FDA is coming after “Smart Socks” which monitor a baby’s pulse and oxygen levels while it sleeps, how would we have known about its latest crusade?

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