2021 July 9 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

If we’re going to revel in wrongthink, we may as well do it right. Here’s what’s up for discussion today:

Food shortages may be the furthest thing from most people’s minds but Michael Snyder has 5 compelling reasons to build up your food stores sooner than later. This is an issue worth pondering.

As long as we’re thinking outside the box, might as well question the conventional wisdom that’s driving the national push for vaccination. Pandra Salivanov has some solid scientific reasons for waiting to get the Covid vaccine.

The official narrative managers are really pushing the “deadly insurrection” talking point whenever they discuss the Jan 6 events at the US Capitol. The fact remains that the only life deliberately taken was that of Ashley Babbitt who was killed by an armed government agent. Why is the identity of her killer being treated like a state secret?

There was a time when heroes were people who did truly heroic things. Nowadays, the word is being twisted into unrecognizable shapes. Anders Koskinen has an enlightening essay on Jules Verne and the loss of American heroism. We need to rediscover authentic heroes again.


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