2021 July 26 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Ever been accused of whataboutism? It’s a rhetorical fallacy that tries to draw parallels between two or more incidents in order to minimize the severity of another incident. As Anthony Gill explains, it’s also an indicator of some larger political and social problems.

You’d think people would have started to catch on to the downsides of having so much government, especially after the heavy-handed Covid response over the past year. Why is it that so few seem able to recognize the seven deadly sins of government? Lawrence M. Vance has some answers for us.

Justice is supposed to be free of political activism. That’s the whole reason behind the blindfold and the scales that represent it. When the system is beholden to politics rather than justice, we’re in trouble. As Ron Paul points out, the January 6 show trials are something that threaten all of us.

Disruptive technology has a way of improving our lives. Case in point: Brad Polumbo has a great article on how we just got proof that Uber has saved thousands of lives. Definitely worth a read.


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