2021 July 26 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

It sure feels as though we’re standing on the brink. Mask mandates are returning, talk of lockdowns is increasing and open hostility is being encouraged against the “unvaccinated.” The line in the sand is getting very clear.
The danger of returning to lockdowns should be clear to anyone who wasn’t sitting in a cave with their eyes shut and their hands over their ears this past 18 months. For those still on the fence, Michael N. Peterson has a great essay on why government lockdowns mostly harm the poor.
Were lockdowns really a necessity? Check out this Twitter thread that clearly illustrates how Sweden’s hands-off approach to the pandemic was very much in line with the pre-2020 pandemic policies of the World Health Organization, the CDC, Johns Hopkins, the U.K. and even China. Why aren’t we hearing more about Sweden’s success?
One of the unintended consequences of the top-down push for Covid compliance has been the damage such activism has done to the public’s trust in science as well as government. British science writer Matt Ridley explores the growing disconnect between science as an institution and science as a philosophy.
The growing threat to free speech is getting harder to ignore. Especially with the recent announcement that White House officials are working with Facebook to limit the spread of what it calls “misinformation.” Adam Johnston takes an unflinching look at the growing partnership between big tech and big government.

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