2021 July 22 The Bryan Hyde Show

At the risk of sounding like an inflexible ideologue, embracing the “new normal” is simply not an option for those who understand what that entails. Frank Furedi has some convincing reasons why we should resist the new normal that’s being foisted on us.

As unbecoming as envy is, it’s a powerful tool for some politicians. Why else would they be pushing for a “space race” tax on a handful of billionaires? Charles C.W. Cooke states the unpopular truth: Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson owe you nothing.

The ongoing corruption of our language is one of the strongest indicators that someone is trying to gain control over what we say and think. John Stossel has some good examples of what this looks like as well as a reminder that speech is not violence.

The announcement that the US Capitol Police will be creating outposts throughout the nation didn’t make much of a splash. Nevertheless, it’s something we should keep an eye on. Pedro Gonzalez explains how we are witnessing the creation of a massive public surveillance apparatus that will serve as the eyes and ears of the king.

I don’t know who needs to hear this but here goes: Not everything is political. Kent McManigal has a brief but accurate take on how things (fail to) work.


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