2021 July 13 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

Eric Peters from EP Autos joins me for our weekly visit. Among the things we cover today: vaccine hesitancy, how we’re being conditioned to live in a “sick” society and how mockery may be the best medicine for drug pushers.

One of the great benefits enjoyed by many big businesses is a kind of pseudo-partnership with big government. As John Stossel explains, big business is only too happy to use big government to limit their competition.

The mantra “smash capitalism” is pretty fashionable in some circles. Daniel J. Mitchell has a great explanation of how the word “capitalism” has been perverted for many and doesn’t always mean what they think it means. This is a great way to better understand what it is and what it isn’t and why capitalism is worth defending.

Among the more disturbing narratives we’re being pushed to believe is the one that posits that anyone who questions the last general election is a racist anti-government extremist who wants to overthrow the US government. Tom Woods shares a marvelous response that demonstrates what a falsehood that is.


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