2021 July 12 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

With all the weirdness going on around us, it can be easy to forget what really matters. Joakim Book has a marvelous column on how to persevere and to carry light with you even with the world at its darkest.

The most tyrannical thing about gun control measures is how large numbers of peaceful firearms owners can be magically converted into potential felons simply by putting a politician’s words on paper. Brett Cooper has an informative take on the ATF’s latest attempt to turn millions of peaceful people into criminals.

The war on drugs has made its way to your doctor’s office. Mike Ludwig has a detailed and compelling article on how regulators have made it more difficult for doctors to prescribe certain drugs and how this is creating problems for patients.

Good intentions don’t always bring good results. Savannah Alecksen has a great article on why so many homeless people have smartphones, yet they’re as isolated as ever.


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