2021 July 12 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

What could be scarier than the coronavirus? How about the fact that a sizable number of people would like to see lockdown measures become permanent? Fraser Myers offers a solid analysis of the lockdown addicts and why they appear to fear freedom more than the virus.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone than in housing markets where demand is very high, interested buyers often include a “love letter” with their offer. What’s shocking is that there are some authorities who would outlaw such letters. How does this protect our natural rights?

The wildfire season is underway in the American West and it’s not looking good so far. In the same way that fire lines can protect people and property from raging wildfires, cultural fire lines are beginning to be created in response to woke-ism. Karen Kwiatkowski has a terrific essay on where they can be found and why.

Twenty years after it started, the occupation of Afghanistan is drawing to a close. It’s time to start asking some tough questions like, was this “war” a failure? Pat Buchanan has a take worth considering when answering that question.

A pregnant woman who was forced to wreck by an impatient Arkansas state trooper when she didn’t pull over quickly enough, survived the rollover with minimal injuries. However, the trooper has faced no consequences for his actions. Olivia Rondeau explains how officers who violate the rights of citizens are undermining the reason for which government exists.


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