2021 December 8 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

What’s the big deal about living in a surveillance society? It’s a bigger deal than you might think. Steve Martinot explains what the surveillance state is and how it contributes to the enslavement of a people.

The phrase “build back better” is getting a lot of play these days but let’s not pretend that this kind of central planning is something new. Simon Black reminds us of LBJ’s war on poverty and how all that spending and government growth did nothing to solve the problem at hand.

Building parallel systems is an effective way to nullify tyranny by simply withdrawing from those systems that are too oppressive. Right now, the big tech oligarchs are starting to worry about the rise of alternative media platforms and the rebel alliance. You and I are contributors to their anxiety.

Keeping government within its proper boundaries requires an understanding of its proper role. Lawrence M. Vance explores the question of whether victimless crimes have victims. It’s a distinction that far too many on the political right fail to grasp.


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