2021 December 6 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

I don’t want to sound like I’m recruiting for an MLM scheme but I do want to ask, what gives you your greatest sense of purpose? Finding purpose in life is about much more than simply staying busy. As Jonathan Colvin explains, it’s a day by day opportunity to write a better chapter for our life story.

The masks are back in many countries around the world. This has been such a source of contention with very little to show in way of effective protection. David McGrogan spells out the real problem with masks. It’s a matter of what do we lose when government decides what is morally right and then forces that decision on us all?

Paul Rosenberg’s commentaries are always a worthwhile read. There are very few commentators out there who can bring you face to face with authentic insight and not leave you feeling attacked. His take on whether the “land of the free” still has any rational meaning is a perfect example of this.

Having a choice means something more than being able to select between two undesirable alternatives from which you are allowed to choose. This is true for elections as well as for other decisions like whether or not to get the jab. Eric Peters has a great essay on choices made for us and it’s shocking how many aspects of our lives are affected.


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