2021 December 6 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

There’s no way to sugarcoat the fact that governments around the world are placing law-abiding grownups under house arrest for not agreeing to get an injection. Stacey Rudin questions how we’re being told to first comply and then, maybe, we’ll be granted some rights.

Politicians love to pretend that they are the answer to every problem we face. But how does government welfare stack up when compared to private charity? Joel Lim says, it’s no contest. Private charity is far more ethical and effective than it’s government-administered counterpart.

When each of us reaches the end of a hopefully long and productive life, it’s doubtful that we’ll regret the times we failed to “own” our ideological opponents. More likely than not, our regrets will be for the opportunities we missed to be kind. Barry Brownstein has a magnificent essay on the power of kindness that could shift how you define personal success.

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