2021 December 31 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

The stories of those who came before us should give us reason to pause and be grateful rather than to be petty and resentful. Victor Davis Hanson has a great commentary about the ungrateful and their demonization of the past.

Keeping your grasp on reality in the current day is hard enough. But when history is being rewritten, and voices of truth are being silenced, how will you remember what truly happened? Aden Tate has some thoughts on the matter.

The longer the Covid crisis drags on, the more apparent it is that it has become a source of nearly unlimited power for authoritarians. Kit Knightly says the insanity and illogic of the approved narrative is no accident. It’s about forcing us to believe their lies when the truth is right in front of us.

The thought of dealing with an economic collapse is more than most would like to entertain. Just as a thought exercise, take a look at the firsthand experiences of someone who can share lessons from an underground economy.

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