2021 December 31 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

The upcoming anniversary of Jan 6th is going to bring a lot of emoting and posturing by politicians who wish to wallow in supposed victimhood while demanding more power over the rest of us. Just remember that we are not being told the full story of what happened. This investigative write up by Revolver News is simply remarkable.

Some people get uncomfortable when considering the similarities between between religious dogma and science as a belief system. Rob Nielsen does a great job of showing how some religious figures and scientists eventually become mascots for the cult of authority.

For those of us who grew up with The Karate Kid, the current TV reboot of the franchise is a pleasant surprise. Jon Miltimore notes that there are valuable lessons that Cobra Kai can teach a generation marinated in victimhood and safetyism.

The light is beginning to come on for a lot of folks–including the lockdowners. No amount of authoritarianism will beat a virus. Even so, the power-seekers are desperately trying to hang onto their dwindling power. James Bovard explains how air travel vax mandates will do no more to vanquish Covid.

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