2021 December 30 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Looks like my show is finally on the radar of the YouTube censors. This won’t change a single thing in how I do what I do. Like Caitlin Johnstone says, Silicon Valley should not restrict public discourse about Covid measures which affect everyone.

It used to be that anyone who mentioned the deep state was dismissed as a wild-eyed conspiracy theorist. Judge Andrew Napolitano has a reasoned and rational explanation of the deep state and its tentacles that spells out the danger unelected bureaucrats and agents pose to our freedoms.

Social change takes place gradually enough that it can be hard to recognize what’s happening unless you are paying close attention. For anyone who has wondered whatever happened to the Boy Scouts, Walter Block has a solid explanation.

As a follow up to the article I shared earlier about George Washington as a prophetic president, here’s the latest from David Butler. He recounts how Dwight D. Eisenhower correctly identified and warned of dangers that would come from our own government.

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