2021 December 30 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

Socialism is pretty fashionable in some circles. Even so, there are a lot of folks who may claim to embrace socialism without understanding what it is. Albert Eisenberg helps clear up the confusion by offering three signs you’re not actually a socialist.

If you’ve made any type of a stand for freedom, chances are you’ve been labeled as a radical in some people’s eyes. That’s not a bad thing. Richard M. Ebeling explains how winning freedom requires some radical solutions.

Being a wrongthinker will make a person appreciate those who are willing to speak the truth, no matter the cost. If you haven’t seen Dr. Peter McCullough’s interview with Joe Rogan, it’s worth the time. Here’s a wonderful synopsis of the most important interview of the past two years.

If you’ve been wondering just how long this Covid crisis will continue, welcome to the club. Josiah Lippincott recounts other times the state has overreacted and what it took for authorities to eventually come to their senses. He says the everlasting Covid crisis will follow a similar pattern.

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