2021 December 3 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

If you’re serious about doing your own homework, you’ll be interested in how hard the world’s top internet portals are working to keep you within the boundaries of approved opinion. Jeffrey A. Tucker wonders, is YouTube now presuming to be in charge of science? If you’ve read their new terms of service, it’s understandable why he’s asking about this.

What’s the harm in social media giants trying to control what ideas are allowed to reach your eyes and ears? John Stossel suggests that Facebook fact-checkers are stifling open debate. And if discovering the truth is your goal, that’s bad news.

The importance of the jury in the pursuit of justice isn’t too difficult to grasp. Would it surprise you to learn that the jury also plays an essential role in protecting against government overreach? Jake Welch spells out the beauty of the jury system as it came in the Rittenhouse trial.

To further drive home the point of how the jury is an essential protection for the rights of the average citizen, check out this excellent essay by Kent McManigal on how a good jury makes the right choice.

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