2021 December 28 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

When someone tells you to follow the science, too often this is another way of saying, “Shut up and do what I’m telling you.” Each one of us has a responsibility to be our own fact-checker. As Joakim Book explains, that means that the only question that matters is: Is it correct?

If you’ve ever been labeled unfairly, you know the pain it brings is real. Paul Rosenberg makes a clear distinction between fixed traits and fate to remind us that losing doesn’t make us permanent losers.

Trust for the political class is quickly disappearing. And for good reason. It’s hard sometimes to remember when politicians weren’t so craven in their power-seeking. If you haven’t read George Washington’s farewell address, you’re missing a chance to hear some prophetic advice from a great man.

I know we’re not supposed to take any pride in being an American today, at the same time, those who know and live the principles and practices of freedom can’t help but feel blessed. Geoffrey M. Vaughan has a great essay on American citizenship and how we’re caught between creed and clan.


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