2021 December 27 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

CJ Hopkins has been doing a lot of the investigative journalist heavy lifting in reporting on our forced transition to the new normal. His take on the year of the new normal fascist is worth your time. (NB: This commentary contains some bad language)

The Christmas truce of 1914 is one of the most inspiring stories of the past century. David Stockman recounts the story and takes a deep dive into exactly why there still is no peace on earth, 107 years later.

The efforts to suppress unauthorized opinion are getting more intense. Steve Kirsch relates how LinkedIn has sought to punish him, over 3 truthful comments, by erasing his existence there.

A number of voices have been sounding the warning about substantial increases in food prices dead ahead. Chris MacIntosh does a great job of connecting the dots between our current energy crisis and how it affects our food supply.

I’ve been a Drew Carey Fan for many years. After reading David Hathaway’s article about a glorious fist bump that Carey recently shared with a winning contestant on The Price is Right, you’ll understand why this game show host is a stand up guy.

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