2021 December 17 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Hypothetically speaking, if you were ever to look around you and come to the conclusion that legitimate tyranny was at your doorstep, would you make the mistake of playing tyrant’s game? Jeff Thompson warns that you can play a tyrant’s game but you still lose.

Even if you’re not a fan of Ayn Rand, her novel Atlas Shrugged foreshadowed some of the abusive policy-making that we’re seeing today. For those who are serious about telling leviathan “no”, Thomas Luongo says it’s time for all good men to stop fearing John Galt.

Do you believe that most people tend to either live up or down to our expectations of them? Kent McManigal says it’s essential that we let people make their own choices rather than try to micromanage them–for their own good. After all, it’s the only way we can grow into functional members of society instead of remaining forever children.

Looking at the way various nations reacted to the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s clear that not everyone went full authoritarian. Bryan Caplan says that by measuring overreaction, we can be grateful that not everyone went the way of Australia.

I’ve known a few folks who’ve had to deal with peripheral neuropathy but I was surprised to learn that nearly 20 million Americans suffer from this kind of progressive nerve damage. Shamis Tate from Pure Health joins me to explain the problem as well as a drug-free solution for treating it. For more information you can call (435)442-4848


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