2021 December 15 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Politics is a leading cause of enemy-driven thinking. That’s why I find less and less relevance for it in my own life as time goes by. Christopher Chantrill points out how, in politics, you can never admit you were wrong. That’s the kind of thinking that makes conflict inevitable.

Should we be concerned that some in government like to think of the American people as their “customers”? How many businesses flex on you and seek to dominate you every time you are in contact with them? Thomas L. Knapp says, no, president Biden, we are not your customers.

Nothing has caused a greater shift in how I live my life like the decision to live with a clear sense of purpose. That’s why I encourage my listeners to tap into their own purpose as a guiding star for their life’s journey. Annie Holmquist has 5 rules for finding purpose that are very helpful.

Is it possible to comply with enough Covid regulations that the people issuing those regs will return our former freedoms? Before you answer that question, consider Kit Knightly’s point that you will never be “fully vaccinated.” Those goals posts are moveable for a reason.

Some people are so enthralled with gaining and maintaining power over others that they cannot help but grasp for a bit more whenever they think they see an opportunity. Case in point, the folks who were pointing to last week’s flurry of deadly tornadoes and claiming the storms were proof of “climate change.” Craig Rucker reminds them that climate and weather aren’t exactly the same thing.

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