2021 December 14 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

I struggle each day on this show to strike a balance between keeping my listeners informed and weighing them down with unpleasant truths. Paul Rosenberg has a very thoughtful approach for how we might teach our kids about the lovely and the unlovely without making them afraid of the world.

How can we make our young people tough enough to face the challenges ahead? Jeff Minnick explains how giving them the tools to survive and overcome the the ordeals of the future starts with allowing them to face and solve problems.

The shorter days and colder weather can make it harder for some of us to stay positive. Annie Holmquist reminds us that finding hope in a dark time is possible, even when we’re suffering. We can be optimistic even when we don’t know what the future holds.

Countering the flood-tide of darkness that is sweeping over the world is a daunting job. But it’s time to stop waiting for someone to ride to our rescue. James Howard Kunstler has some encouragement as well as some sober advice for men: Your job is to stand up and bring order to the world, so stop hiding among the women and children like you’re one of them.

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