2021 August 6 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

If you find yourself wondering how we’ve arrived at our current situation, you’re not alone. Taking in the big picture means understanding the decisions that led us here. Antony Davies has written a compelling explanation of the fall of the dominoes and what set them in motion.

Mask mandates and lockdowns are quickly becoming tools in the hands of the power-hungry. Kerry McDonald reports that back-to-school chaos is already ramping us with the quarantining of entire classrooms over isolated Covid cases. She also reminds us that we do have alternatives, if we’re willing to exercise them.

It used to be fashionable to laugh at the folks who kept warning us about an impending communist takeover. Now, I’m wondering if we owe them an apology. There’s a definite grab for power under the Covid crisis. As Cheryl Chumley explains, we appear to be vaccine-mandating our way merrily toward communism.


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