2021 August 6 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

As chaotic as things may seem, there’s a strong argument for not running for the hills to ride out our coming collision with reality. Isaac Morehouse likens our situation to living in “A Quiet Place” where drawing any attention to ourselves can be dangerous. Morehouse says the solution is to live out loud anyway.

The pressure being brought to bear on those who are not yet vaccinated against Covid-19 is intense. Sometimes it’s good to hear a personal exposition of why some choose to abstain from the vaccine. Here is Steve McCann’s explanation.

The cancel culture mob is feeling pretty sporty these days. Their irrational hatred and lust to see others suffer can bring out some of our basest tendencies as well. Alexander Riley has a really thoughtful piece on wrestling with justice in the midst of sorrow and loss. It’s a powerful insight that’s worth considering.


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