2021 August 5 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

The eviction moratorium that the CDC is seeking to resurrect is a huge warning flag to anyone familiar with Marxist ideals. Charles C.W. Cooke has a detailed explanation of why it’s illegal, tyrannical and un-American.

Frederic Bastiat’s essay The Law offers a clear definition of legal plunder. If you read The Law and then apply those principles of legitimate government to the proposed Infrastructure bill pending in DC, you should recognize political plunder with a good dose of social engineering thrown in for good measure. Richard M. Ebeling spells it out.

As the quest for state dominance in every area of our lives increases, so will the calls for gun control. Olivia Rondeau and Hannah Cox have an excellent article about the ACLU’s claims that the Second Amendment is racist when gun control has the real record of systemic oppression.

Few voices have been as consistent or as clear as Eric Peters in warning us of the coming medical apartheid. His latest article on the inversion of the political left is well worth your time. Now is the time to learn the power of the word “no” in response to their demands. It will  soon be too late to grow a spine.


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