2021 August 4 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

We all know people who seem to live in a perpetual state of crisis. Lately it seems like our societies are being kept in a state of crisis over a virus that is survived by 99% of the people who catch it. Jon Miltimore takes a closer look at how mandates are ramping up even in areas where daily Covid deaths are zero.

I try not to wallow in political news but when I want a solid take on what’s going on, it’s hard to beat Pat Buchanan. His latest column on America’s great leap forward into socialism is on target.

The unfathomable amount of public debt that is being incurred by our government can’t be measured in dollars alone. As Jonathan W. Plante explains, the real cost of public debt includes a loss of freedom.

Who is the strongest defender of free speech today? If your first thought was the ACLU, think again. Brittany Hunter spells out how the ACLU has quietly withdrawn from the battle to protect free speech. The good news is that other organizations are stepping up to fill the gap.


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