2021 August 30 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

A lot has changed in the past 18 months. How many of those changes do you wish could be permanent? Before you answer, take a look at a very interesting two minute video from the World Economic Forum titled “This is How Our Lives Could Soon Look” and see what those-who-know-best are thinking.

The beautiful thing about wisdom is that it remains applicable in all times and places. How we might respond to today’s crisis is something that Thomas Paine wrote about in 1776. There really is nothing new under the sun.

A special bonus for those who are serious about stocking up on intellectual ammo regarding the public health mandates. Paul E. Alexander has put together a comprehensive and well-sourced explanation of why Covid-19 mandates will not work for the delta variant. Take your time and see for yourself if his conclusions add up.

Would it surprise you to learn that no tyrant can gain absolute power over you without your voluntary consent? Dr. Joseph Mercola asks will you love your servitude? Because we’re all being conditioned to do exactly that.


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