2021 August 30 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

One of the biggest challenges of living through difficult times is becoming resilient enough to not only survive but to improve when things go sideways. Leo Babauta has some excellent advice on how to develop extraordinary resilience.

Just how important is our freedom of conscience? Before answering that question, consider how many people in official positions are currenty dismissing matters of conscience. Scott Mason asks whether national Covid mandates fulfill the public good.

It’s not hard to understand how money allows us to transport value across time. But when the time are changing, it’s hard to say whether that value will be there in the future? Joakim Book explores the question of how do societies save for an uncertain future?

It’s wise to learn from our own mistakes. It’s also admirable when we can learn from the mistakes of others. Jon Miltimore describes how Australia has created a police state to stop Covid-19 but the data shows that it’s not working. What might we learn from their experience?


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