2021 August 25 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

When science and medicine aren’t attached to political agendas, they can be very beneficial. When they are used to advance the agendas of people in power, not so much. Paul Rosenberg has a straightforward take on the weaponization of medicine and how it masquerades as science.

The dynamic that drives virtually every conflict in our society today is a clash between collectivism and the individual. To better understand our modern collectivist trends and how to resist them, spend some time reading Richard M. Ebeling’s latest column. He has an excellent explanation of where these trends began and how we’ve arrived this point.

To hear our mass media tell it, there’s only bad news when it comes to the pandemic. Are you ready for some good news regarding COVID-19? Dr. Thomas Siler has 10 facts that bring some needed perspective to the topic. And all of them are positive.

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