2021 August 23 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Today is the day that the FDA is expected to approve the Pfizer Covid vaccine. This will likely ramp up efforts to get more people to receive the shot but there are still serious questions that remain. Jon Miltimore has a fascinating article that asks, what is the true vaccine breakthrough rate and why did the CDC stop tracking and reporting breakthrough cases?

You’ve probably noticed that it’s getting harder to have a productive conversation on just about anything these days. Is it possible to discuss anything of importance without bringing more anger to the situation? Here’s a great piece on the growing rage of the informed and how to be more than a super-spreader of self-righteousness and blame.

The situation in Afghanistan is a worthy study of how interventionism can go wrong. Will our foreign policy officials actually learn from their mistakes this time? Pat Buchanan has some excellent perspective on the aftermath of the Afghanistan debacle.

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