2021 August 20 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

The mask is off, so to speak, when it comes to politics. It’s not about protecting our natural rights and correcting actual wrongs. It’s about punishing and coercing those who don’t agree with us. Justin Begley from Young Voices asks, have we reached the end of reason in policymaking?

If you’re thinking about learning a second language, you may want to start with Newspeak. Thomas L. Knapp has an excellent column on 1984 in 2021: We’re Doing Big Brother’s Job for Him

The propaganda war is a real thing. But that doesn’t mean you should stick your fingers in your ears and shut your eyes to everything you hear, see or read. As CJ Hopkins points out, it’s all propaganda but what’s important is understanding who is doing it and what they’re doing it for.

A perfect example of the punitive nature of public policy today can be seen in the attempts to force masks upon school children from the national level. Kerry McDonald explains how the Biden administration is using civil rights to override states that have prohibited mask mandates for students.

It’s curious how the younger demographic that is at the lowest risk from the coronavirus is the one that is being most furiously pursued for masking and vaccination for it. Jeff Minnick wonders about the Wuhan virus and our children and how much longer we’re going to pretend that our kids are disease carriers.

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