2021 August 19 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

We live in a time where a large number of people live in a kind of manufactured normality. When we stop questioning what we are being told, we can fail to see what we should notice rather than what we’re being told to notice.

The most unsettling aspect of the ongoing pandemic isn’t necessarily the threat posed by a particular virus. It’s the destruction of our remaining liberty by the systems that are working overtime to rule us. Judge Andrew Napolitano has a very clear explanation of what is being done and why it is incompatible with legimitate government.

On matters of being free, Alex R. Knight III always has a take worth considering. His latest column includes some of his best speculation and prognostication about what the future will bring. He starts with a question that not many people are willing to ask: Do most people even want to be free?

The truest thing you will hear today is also some comic relief for anyone who could use a good laugh. These teenage pro tips are especially on target if you have a teenager in your home.

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