2021 August 19 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

The law of the harvest says we reap what we sow. In the case of our societal fixation on “wokeness” we find that we’ve elected astonishingly incompetent leaders. Robert Weiss describes how the Taliban may have just provided us with a Sputnik moment for wokeness.

We’re also getting an object lesson in unintended consequences thanks to the various Covid mandates being enforced by employers and the state. Jon Miltimore has an excellent piece on the massive nurse shortage that’s hitting Houston after more than 150 nurses and healthcare workers were fired for being unvaxxed. Whoops.

One of the toughest things many of us are facing today is a very clear realignment in our relationships with the people around us. Allan Stevo has a beautiful essay on how it’s okay and natural to part paths with friends in a time such as this. I found his take to be very reassuring.

Like it or not, we’re living through truly historic times. Someday, your children’s children may ask you about what it was like during the Shame Wars. Will you be able to tell them you were on the right side?

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