2021 August 13 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

There’s so much enemy-driven thinking going on these days that it takes real effort not to be caught up in it. Joakim Book has an excellent essay about whether enemies can be friends and how to separate our viewpoints from what it takes to be a decent person.

Dr. Dan Stock is a family physician who recently spoke up during a school board meeting in Mt. Vernon, Indiana. The ferocity with which his comments are being yanked from most social media platforms sparked my curiosity about what he had to say. Watch it for yourself here and decide for yourself if his viewpoint is so dangerous that we should be shielded from it.

If you’re resistant to the ongoing coercion and pressure to vaccinate, you probably already see the writing on the wall. Life is about to become very difficult. Daisy Luther explains how the shocking and dehumanizing discrimination against the unvaccinated is finding acceptance in mainstream society.

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