2021 August 11 The Bryan Hyde Show

Have social media and our ever-present smart phones created a culture of egocentric people? Jeff Minnick points to egotism as the root of our troubles and makes a strong case that a bit of humility can keep us rooted in reality.

So many of the challenges we’re facing right now are the result of things that have been politicized. We’d be wise to heed the advice of Isaac Morehouse and to stop looking for a king who will save us. Our time is better spent becoming truly great individuals in every part of our lives.

We shouldn’t be surprised when government grows nonstop. After all, that growth is in its DNA. This is why our system of government was designed to limit and check government growth lest it metastasize like cancer. Sheldon Richman has some great advice on how to help other lovers of liberty recognize why government grows and why we need to keep it under control.

How can we tell that things are getting serious? Take 3 minutes and watch this short video from Senator Rand Paul in which he urges noncompliance with the latest authoritarian power-grab. When’s the last time you heard anyone in public office speak out like this?

The worst part of the current pandemic hasn’t been the actual harm caused by the coronavirus which is survived by 99.7% of those who catch it. The greater damage has been done by the recently empowered control freaks among us using their fear as an excuse to seize greater control over our lives. J.D. Tuccille explains why we shouldn’t surrender to them.

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