2-9-2021 Liberty RoundTable with Sam Bushman Hour 2

* Flashback When Kamala Harris joked about killing Trump and Pence!

* Unhinged- Chuck Schumer Threatens Supreme Court Justices Gorsuch And Kavanaugh.

* Maxine Waters Commits Sedition, Calls For Violence Against Trump Administration.

* Tulsi Gabbard- Proposed domestic terrorism laws -directly undermine- freedom.

* BLM and Antifa march in DC, threaten to ‘burn down’ Washington.

* AOC said she will not apologize for saying that Sen. Ted Cruz almost got her murdered during the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

* AOC on Capitol riots: Members were ‘nearly assassinated – cnn.com.

* Tom Brady’s accomplishment has earned him the title of the greatest quarterback of all time – Now Called ‘Racist’ for Winning Super Bowl During Black History Month!

* School Backtracks on Black History Month Move Nearly all-white school in Utah allowed parents to opt out of the lessons.

* New Jobless Numbers Suggest Progress Toward Recovery Has Stalled.

* $15 minimum wage could cost 1.4 million jobs.

* Awards Show Says Morgan Wallen Is Now Ineligible NAACP wants to speak to country star about his use of racial slur.

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