2-8-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

Keeping us within the boundaries of approved opinion is becoming a fulltime job for certain politicians and pundits. Arjun Walia warns that calls are building for a reality czar to keep us within the official narrative.

Free speech matters more than we think. Few thinkers have advocated for it more eloquently than John Milton. A recent essay by Gary M. Galles highlights, with Milton’s words, why we don’t need a ‘reality czar’ to prevent wrongthink.

What could a neurosurgeon possibly teach us about cancel culture and virtue signaling?  Quite a bit, it turns out. Dr. Richard Menger reminds us that competition of ideas and words without fear and name calling is a fundamental tenet of freedom.

Why do so many people keep clinging to an electoral system that has been commandeered by those in power? Caitlin Johnstone makes a strong case that this system uses the same containment strategies as an Alzheimer’s facility does to keep people from leaving it.

Sometimes the changes around us take place so gradually that they’re almost imperceptible. Other times, they come at us as fast and furious as a herd of stampeding buffalo. This is why, as Jeff Minnick explains, we find ourselves looking over our shoulders while trying to look ahead to what’s coming.

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