2-7-2020 Loving Liberty with Bryan Hyde hr 2

Also, check out this take by Robert Beaudine:

We are all thrust on the stage of life, the “main event” that’s been ongoing for thousands of years. We confront its many manifestations gradually as we grow. Our parents give us guidance on how to adapt to the modern version of life. They teach us about our traditions and beliefs, and instill knowledge and skills.

We are then taught by our teachers that we are the culmination of many millenia of evolution and are the highest form of life on earth, at its most developed. We are told that our parents are old-fashioned and have no clue about the modern world. The “experts” have the answers to the mysteries of life. You will live and die and your dust will nourish others in the ongoing evolution towards perfection.

The study of history becomes a ridiculous enterprise, because the past is dead, and the future is now. So, history is ignored … to keep the masses deluded.

Without historical understanding, we remain ignorant and have no clue about our traditions and institutions, how they formed, how they evolved, and how many were replaced. I challenge you to tell me how a piece of paper became “legal money.” How did our educational system evolve into its completely pathetic situation today? How did our arts become so corrupted? Our media? Our language? These traditions are widely accepted today – without thought – because we grew up with it and lost our curiosity to question such things as money, education, and the arts.

Without historical understanding, we have no clue about our traditions and institutions, and will accept anything our “experts” teach us.


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