2-5-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

A large number of people are awakening to the reality that the two party system isn’t what they thought it was. Thomas Luongo has an excellent essay that breaks down why the two parties have collapsed into one and how they never really represented us in the first place.

The recent GameStop saga has also been a learning opportunity for anyone who’s paying attention. As Jeff Deist explains, it’s a perfect example of how “stakeholder theory” is really just a form of corporate social justice.

The CDC and TSA have become the federal mask police. Daisy Luther has a detailed explanation of their new guidelines and the (few) exemptions to their rules.

At the risk of wandering onto the thinnest of ice, let’s take a look at how our culture has reached the point where the president openly advocates for men to compete in women’s sports and to use women’s restrooms simply by claiming to be a woman. Kenneth LaFave has a fascinating take on how current attitudes towards transgenderism stem from feminism’s inability to deal with Marilyn Monroe.

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