2-24-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

So much public policy is predicated on the premise that without lots of centralized control, we’d resemble the Lord of the Flies pretty quickly. Here’s a story to restore some of your faith in humanity. When the power was out in Texas, a grocery store let their customers leave without paying. Why would they do that?

Might we do better if our politicians conducted themselves like Mandalorians? Robert E. Wright has a timely piece about the importance of consistency and accountability for the political class.

Was it really an insurrection on January 6? If it was, why has no one been charged with such since then? Jacob Hornberger gives an accurate accounting of what happened and how politicians and media are blowing it out of proportion.

What does authentic learning look like? As parents we watch for it in our kids but we should also be well aware of our own intellectual trajectory as well. Annie Holmquist has advice on how to recognize 3 elements of true learning.


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