2-22-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

The attacks on free speech are intensifying. And Congress is once again summoning the leaders of Big Tech to do their bidding in tamping down voices of dissent. Glenn Greenwald called this several weeks ago and he appears to be right on target.

The danger to free speech isn’t just limited to America. Brendan O’ Neil points out how neither side in our current culture war seems to understand how crucial this liberty is to human flourishing. He says it’s time to get real about freedom of speech.

Over the weekend, I once again experienced a few brief moments of pre-COVID life. Mask neutral policies and hugging one another and shaking hands again was reminder of a better time. As Jenin Younes explains, the ZeroCovid movement has come to resemble a cult dressed as science.

As overwhelming as many of the recent societal shifts may seem, we are far from helpless. While our ability to affect public policy may be limited, our capacity to help one another is still very much in play. Kerry McDonald has an eye-opening piece about the epidemic of loneliness that is spreading across America.


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