2-20-2021 Liberty RoundTable with Sam Bushman Hour 2

* Open Letter – A Clarian Call for Civility – CallForCivility.com.

* Cancel culture points to big question: Are students learning about freedom of speech?

* Gov. Kristi Noem says there will be no mask mandates in South Dakota—slams CDC’s double masking!

* Facebook now ‘arbiter of truth’ on ‘climate change’ – Panel with Yale, Cambridge experts to debunk ‘myths’ of ‘deniers’ – Art Moore WND.com.

* School Board Mocks Parents, ‘Unfortunate’ Remarks Go Viral President of board in Oakley, Calif., resigns after video of virtual meeting circulates online.

* Cancel Culture is coming for me, They are coming for you, They are coming for us all.

* Poll: Is Pelosi’s Idea On How To Investigate the January 6 Capitol Riot a Good Idea?

* A petition to have Cadbury’s latest commercial taken off air surfaced after viewers took issue with a same-sex kiss featured in the ad.

* Jimmy Kimmel Goes to Town on Ted Cruz ‘There he is, snake on a plane right there!

* Florida Women Dress Up as ‘Grannies’ to Get Vaccine They turned out to be 35 and 44 years old.

* An Alaska woman, Shannon Stevens went to use an outhouse in the wilderness when a bear hiding in the toilet attacked her from behind.

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